PAST Exhibition.

'FIGURES THROUGHOUT' Selected Works 2009-2014, Rachel Kirby April 2 - 22nd 2014

Mono print, Rachel Kirby
Mono Print, Rachel Kirby
Mono Print, Rachel Kirby

PAST exhibition. 'SONGLINES' By Maria Apr 2 - 22 2014

Painting, Maria Richardson
Painting, Maria Richardson
Painting, Maria Richardson

ART and the NARRATIVE. 25 Apr - 31 May 2014

ART and the NARRATIVE. A group exhibition. 25th April to 31st May 2014. Weds to Sat 10-3pm

ETCH Gallery and studios 215 Moorabool St Geelong

The exhibition will be opened by  Geelong author Michael Panckridge and will feature an interactive art performance titled The Human Muse Factory by factory 2.

ART and the NARRATIVE is a group exhibition about the story within an artwork by local, new and emerging artists. Each artist has presented their work with a narrative, a story about or behind the piece.

Works range from Artist books to prints, paintings, photographs and installations. This is a unique opportunity to see how and why each of these fabulous pieces came to be.

This is an off the wall exhibition. When artwork is sold the purchaser can take it off the wall and the exhibiting artist can replace it with a new work.This means the exhibition is continually changing 


Tina Coxall, Robyn Sandford, Dij Vriens, Helen Lyth, Tracey Leeson, Marion Parker, Jennifer Barnes, Bianca Brant, Tiesha Ita-Ulima, Meghan Rose Griffiths, Rachel Kirby, Nenad Ignatov, Ann Abrahmsen, Robyn Mackay, Karen Murrell, Angeli Sinanan-Dekkers, Tanya  Tori, 

Artist Book of woodcut prints on Mulberry paper by Robyn Mackay
Artist book by Dij Vriens

PAST EXHIBITION; FAR ISLAND Terry McKenna 4 - 28 June 2014

Terry McKenna – Artist Profile

"I have been concentrating on producing woodblock prints since 2006, and inevitably became inspired by the richness of Japanese woodblock prints which are rightly world famous. I love the marriage of art and craft that is needed to produce mokuhanga." 

Originally trained in oil painting, Terry has a Masters Degree in Fine Arts as well as many years experience tutoring art media to people of all abilities and walks of life.

Terry has held numerous solo and group exhibitions since 1996, won awards, and has also been involved in community arts initiatives, writing reviews of other artist's work for newspapers and managed and taught at an arts facility for people with disabilities for 10 years.

After living overseas in New Zealand and Japan for many years, he has returned to Australia in early 2014 with the aim of establishing the Australian Mokuhanga School."I am proud to return to Australia and offer my skills to people here so that you too can enjoy the versatility and beauty of mokuhanga."

'Far Island' Terry McKenna Invite
'The Far Island' Terry McKenna
'Your Magic Tree' Terry McKenna
'Autumn Moon Viewing' Terry McKenna

PAST EXHIBITION: L-INK-ED a group printmaking exhibition

L-INK-ED, A group printmaking exhibition by six regional artists, Andrea Clifford, Dij Vriens, Karen Murrell, Meghan Griffiths, Rachel Kirby and Val Betteridge. This show runs concurrently with Terry McKenna's traditional Japanese woodblock print exhibition  'Far Island'. 'L-INK-ED' not only compliments Terry's woodblock prints it emphasizes differences in the types of printmaking and differences in individual style.

L-INK-ED Invite
Lino cut, Meghan Griffiths
Lino cut and mixed media, Val Betteridge
Mono print, Dij Vriens
Aqua tint etching, Rachel Kirby
Etching, Andrea Clifford

PAST Exhibition: DRAW 2 - 29 JULY 2014

Lovers of the visual arts are invited to ETCH Gallery for the opening of     D R A W on Friday 4 July at 6pm.A group exhibition of contemporary drawings. Come feast your senses, titillate your intellect, broaden your horizons as well as supporting our local emerging artists.

Exhibition dates 2nd July until the 29th July 2014. Leonie Allan, Bianca Brant,Susan Rice-Bellman, Peter Dawson, Meghan Griffiths, Rachel Kirby, Robyn Mackay, Eiichi Tosaki,

'Christine Dreaming Brent', Peter Dawson
Graphite on paper, Rachel Kirby
'Allenvale 1'Mono print. Robyn Mackay
Charcoal on paper, Susan Rice-Bellmann
Mixed media on paper, Leonie Allen
Ink on paper, Meghan Griffiths
B C D drawing Eiichi Tosaki in collaboration with Rod Stewart
'The Space Between' Bianca Brant

PAST Exhibition: 'A Disquieting Beauty' Helen Martin 30 Jul - 26 Aug 

‘A Disquieting Beauty’ Helen Martin

30 July to 26 August at ETCH Gallery and Studios 215 Moorabool St Geelong

Opening Night: Friday 1st  August from 6–8pm. All welcome.

Helen’s work is inspired by her recent travels in Southern Spain. She explores themes of beauty and sacrifice in her portrayal of the interior space of historic sacred buildings. Mosque, synagogue, church and bullring - all designed to be sites for sacred ritual and grace, and yet, all harbouring stories of human violence and intolerance.

'Passages', Helen Martin
Helen_Martin_Sinagoga I_2014.JPG
'Plaza de Toros de Sevilla Study IV', Helen Martin

PAST Exhibition; 'Of Place and...' Karen Murrell 30 July to 26 Aug 2014

‘Of place and ...’ An exhibition by Karen Murrell

30 July to 26 Aug 2014. Opening Fri 1 Aug 6- 8pm. All welcome.

ETCH Gallery and Studios 215 Moorabool St Geelong

In her images, Karen explores a sense of place. The work comments on human involvement and attachment to place through emotion, stories and memory. This exhibition lets the viewer contemplate what it is, that is ‘Of place and ...’

An exhibition consisting of charcoal drawings, paintings and prints relating to her time spent in The You Yangs and surrounds. Many works were completed ‘en plein air’, meaning at the actual site.

Charcoal on Paper, Karen Murrell
Charcoal on paper, Karen Murrell
Charcoal and mixed media on Paper, Karen Murrell
Charcoal on Paper, Karen Murrell


Come and experience an exhibition of ETCH studio artists’ newest and current work over a glass of wine. Meet each talented local artist, discover their ways of processing ideas and discover how their work progresses from initial concept to finished work. Investigate each studio space and ask all those questions you've always wanted to. Embrace this unique opportunity to meet artists at work.

'OTWAYS 1' Oil on canvas, Robyn Mackay
'Corio Bay 1' Mixed Media on board, Tina Coxall
'Family Portrait 2' Lino cut, Rachel Kirby
‘Iconic Geelong 1’ Oil on canvas, April Coulter
'The two Lovers' Charcoal on paper, Susan Rice-Bellman
'Man Three' Lino cut, Keren Zorn
Oil paint, ink, Graphite & water colour on paper, Bianca Brant


Exhibition 27 Aug - 6 Sept

AUCTION Fri 5 Sept 6-8pm

Upcoming exhibition and charity art auction presented by SHUNGU 'young people helping young people'
HOPE is an exhibition by young artists. You are invited to an evening of art, Zimbabwean dance and a charity art auction. The HOPE exhibition features work by young local artists exploring and responding to HOPE.  This inspiring exhibition of artworks will be auctioned off by Auctioneer Paul Bell to raise money for the Maoko Ane Asitsi Orphanage in Zimbabwe. This is a family friendly event so come along and support SHUNGU ‘young people helping young people’.

'Hope' Invite

‘DECONSTRUCTED DOG WALK’ by Leonie Allan.Exhibition 10 Sep to 30 Sep 2014

‘DECONSTRUCTED DOG WALK’ by Leonie Allan is a five year durational work which revolves around observations and information collected while regularly walking through the spectacular Iron Bark Basin. Glass, rusted metal and even road kill butterflies are all evidence of man’s presence in this environment. Leonie deconstructs, documents and reconstructs this Australian landscape in the gallery.

From January 2010 Leonie has been collecting pieces of glass while walking her dogs in the Iron Bark Basin. Self-formulated rules require her to collect at least four pieces of glass each walk from January to the end of May each year. Over the cloudy winter period the glass gets buried in the mud and ceases to sparkle. She also collects dead butterflies and rusted metal which have been exempt from any rule other than to be collected from this track.

The collection is documented in a grid system of lines and filed in order of year, size, colour and material to be presented as both a sparkling and a shadow intrusion in the rhythmic moving map of the ‘dog walk’ Her work combines an arrangement of an organic situation with a love of the outdoors and her beautiful surroundings. The activities are interdependent; the walking structures the art making and the art making impels the walking.

Leonie says she is not judging or giving opinions in her work. Her sentiments echo that of American artist Mark Dion who says “I’m not one of these artists who is spending a lot of time imagining a better ecological future. I’m more the kind of artist who is holding up a mirror to the present”

Photograph, Leonie Allan
Photograph, Leonie Allen

‘A Matter of Interpretation’ by Jo Persson

Exhibition   10 - 30 Sep 2014. Opening Night 12 Sep 6 - 8pm

‘A Matter of Interpretation’ by Jo Persson 

Set within a football club and focused on a group of young boys on the cusp of manhood this exhibition features photographs, video and text work capturing moments of innocence and vulnerability that belie expectations of locker-room toughness and bravado. The myriad of signals and suggested instruction directed toward the boys invites speculation as to how messages are being received and interpreted within and beyond this context of ‘football’.

Jo Persson has a post grad Diploma of Visual Art from VCA, a Bachelor of Fine Art from RMIT and a Diploma of Education from La Trobe University. She has produced a number of other series (still and moving) predominantly focusing on adolescents. Jo has exhibited at various galleries including: ‘As things moved on they felt a little strange’ First Site Gallery 2009, ‘New Acquisitions’ St Vincents Gallery 2010 ‘In the Zone’, Seventh Gallery 2011, ‘The rest is silence’ Death be Kind Gallery 2011, ‘A Matter of Interpretation’, St Kilda Town Hall Gallery 2014.

'Any Given Sunday', Jo Persson
'Dea' Jo Persson

 Exhibition: ‘URBAN DELUSIONS’ An exhibition by G-TWO (Glenn Fry)

4th – 25th October 2014. ETCH Gallery and Studios 215 Moorabool St Geelong.

Open 10am – 3pm Wed to Sat

As you walk through the streets and laneways of most urban centres you come to realize that the walls around you are living, breathing works of art. Ever evolving and changing, be it by being painted over by other artists, or effects of the weather and the ravages of time. This transitional form of existence creates a beautiful aesthetic that local artist G-TWO (Glenn Fry) has used to create delusional relics of urban street art culture.

In this exhibition titled ‘Urban Delusions’ G-TWO shows us an idealistic view of street art in his own created culture the Conceptual Delusion, which G-TWO has been developing for the past 20 years.

Exhibition Flyer
delusional urban remanant-C6 rs.jpg
Delusional Urban Remnant K1
Delusional Urban remnant B1

“faces”Meghan Rose Griffiths. 31 Oct to 15 Nov 2014

Painting and art have always been a very important part of Meghan Rose Griffiths’ life. For as long as Meghan can remember she has wanted to put down and capture her life and the world around her.  “faces” is Griffiths’ first solo exhibition; and it has been a long time coming.  Meghan is so excited to be showing you her work.

Meghan has always been drawn to the human face.  “I find faces fascinating; although they hold common features they are all unique.  There are inherent traits and genetic similarities but our lives mark our faces from our experiences.  What may be seen as imperfections to some are what I find most interesting.”

“We were created to look at one another, weren’t we?” – Degas

Invite poster
'Jim' Meghan Rose Griffiths
'Helen' Meghan Rose Griffiths

'Retrospective' Justin Gummer 19 - 29 Nov 2014

Justin has had a keen eye for wool-textured canvas work since being a boy. Through his exploration of embroidery has since become a labour of love. Justin’s art pieces are all sewn by hand, some years in the making, are designed to inspire, challenge and move; where every stitch breathes a life of its own. Only one of his works has been publically displayed, and given that his lifetimes work ‘lest we forget’ has been eventually completed, felt it was a fitting time to bring all of his collection together to  be  put on show for this momentous occasion.

Since having the support from the amazing needle workers from the embroidery guilds of South Australia and Victoria, Justin has incorporated techniques outside of canvas-work, such as beading, metal threads, surface and stump-work, amongst others, to enhance his already startling creations.

 They are ‘price less’ in that the price of the Imagination, labour and effort to conceive and construct such objects can never be priced and are irrelevant to the artist. Devised as gifts and a show of friendship, intense association and love, the canvases often convey a meaning that is not always apparent on the surface which includes the ideals of one’s journey in life and metamorphosis.

Each stitch carries with it an innate intent of understanding, wisdom and passion, Justin’s beautiful sunsets and bridges show how powerful the brilliant colours of wool, textured on canvas, can transform ones understanding of the way the eye sees and perceives the world. Taking months and years to plan and execute, there is no doubt that his vision is unique yet inclusive.

'Lest We Forget' (section)

'Lest We Forget' (section)

Port Jackson Kneeler

CURRENT Exhibition; 'OFF THE WALL' Dec 3 to 23 4014

ETCH Gallery and Studios Upstairs 215 Moorabool St Geelong


 ‘OFF THE WALL’ Dec 3 – 23 2014



ETCH Gallery and Studios first birthday exhibition ‘OFF THE WALL’ is a wonderful eclectic mix of work from the Geelong Regions talented, new and emerging artists. ETCH invites you to come join in and help celebrate this milestone.

It’s the perfect opportunity to see what work our local artists have been making. Meet the artists, have a glass of wine, experience an artist run gallery with working studios, and enjoy a wonderful social event amongst excellent company.

The exhibition as the title suggests is an off the wall show; meaning that when one of these fabulous artworks is purchased it can be wrapped and taken home straight off the wall there is no waiting until the end of the exhibition. The artwork is then replaced with another by the same artist making an ever changing exhibition. This is just perfect to collect a beautiful original piece of artwork for yourself or the perfect Christmas gift.

Artists exhibiting in ETCH Gallery and Studios ‘OFF THE WALL’ 2014

April Coulter, Robyn Lowe, Callum Joyce, David Lambourn, Annette Wilkinson, Constance Waters, Dij Vriens, Frances Munk, Eichi Tosaki, Ingrid Petterson, Jan Stictland, Jennifer Barnes, John Sharp, Raelene Newton, Robyn Sandford, Steph Kuskunovic, Tina Coxall, Stephanie Garner, Tricia Keane, Helen Lyth, Sarah Hayes, Val Betteridge, Karen Murrell, Lance Youston, Kerri Wood, Vicki Clissold, Maria Richardson, Tanya Tori, Tiesha Ita-Ulima, Rachel Kirby, Susan Rice- Bellman, Robyn Mackay, Meghan Rose Griffiths

'Lunar Calander' Frances Monk
'Wide Open' Robyn Mackay, mono print,
'Vanishing Beauty' John Sharp, Lino cut print
'The Waterhouse' Constance Waters
'Skeleton' Raelene Newton
'Adolescent' Robyn Sandford
'Two Old Girls' Vicki Clissold
'Deakin 2014' April Coulter