Nov 22nd – Dec 20th 2013. Open: Weds to  Fri 10am - 3pm and Sat 10am - 3pm

ETCH gallery and studios first ever exhibition is a wonderful eclectic mix of work from the Geelong Regions talented new and emerging artists. The exhibition as the title suggests is an off the wall show; meaning that when you purchase one of these amazing artworks you can take it home with you and not have to wait until the end of the exhibition.

This photo gallery is just a small sample of all the wonderful pieces in our first ever exhibition ‘OFF THE WALL’.

For More Pictures and Information View Our Feature Article At Artin' Geelong - Etch Gallery and Studios

Featured Artists;

Bianca Brant, Alison Broome, Vicki Clissold, April Coulter, Tina Coxall, Betty Fitzgerald, Jennifer Barnes, Emma Hayes, Shelley Jardine, Bruce Kirby, Rachel Kirby, Helen Lyth, Robyn Mackay, Jenny McEelwee, Alison Morant, Frances Munk, Robyn Sanford, Steve Singline, Tanya Tori, Dij Vrens, Lyndall Wishart.

Vicki Clissold
111207 Phosphate works chimney North Shore Helen Lythe.jpg
Dij Vriens
Frances Monk
April Coulter
Bianca Brant
Emma Hayes
Steve Singline
Shelly Jardine
Alison Morant
Bruce Kirby
Jennifer McElwee
Jenifer Barnes
Rachel Kirby
Alison Broome

'IMAGINED LANDSCAPES' Bianca Brant               'CALL ME' Rachel Hanlon

29 Jan to 18 Feb 2014


ETCH Gallery is thrilled to be showing two solo exhibitions of an extremely high quality by two very talented local artists.

In the White Room; 29 Jan to 18 Feb 2014 

Bianca Brant, manager and curator at ETCH Gallery and Studios showcases her first solo exhibition. 'IMAGINED LANDSCAPES'  29 Jan to 18 Feb 2014

Bianca Brant paints in a visual language that is bright, rhythmic and improvised. This collection of new work examines the romantic notion of the individual artist working in the landscape.

In the Red Room; 29 Jan to 18 Feb 2014

Rachel Hanlon, visual artist and recent Deakin University Geelong waterfront graduate stages her solo exhibition and installation. 'CALL ME'  29 Jan to 18 Feb 2014

Rachel’s installation work explores what happens when an object, once significant to a whole generation as a technological device, has passed its intended purpose and use?






PAST Exhibition - 'The haves and the have YACHTS'  exhibition

Exhibiting artists,

Annette Wilkinson, April Coulter, Josh McCrimmon, Callum Joyce, Dean Warren, Dij Vriens, Helen Lyth, Janelle Humphreys, Jennifer Barnes, Johannah Mackenzie, Maria Richardson, Rachel Kirby, Robyn Lowe, Robyn Mackay, Susan Hayward, Tanya Tori, Tina Coxall, Vicki Clissold,

Artwork, Tina Coxall
Art Work, Dean Warren 2012008 Corio Bay (35).jpg
Artwork, Maria Richardson
rtwork, Janelle Humphreys
Artwork, Dij Vriens
Artwork, Helen Lyth
Artwork, Callum Joyce
Art work, Susan Haywood
Art work, Josh McCrimmon
Artwork, Tina Coxall
Artwork, Tanya Tori
Artwork April Coulter

‘IMPRINT’ An Exhibition by Robyn Mackay

Exhibition Dates 19-Feb-14 to 11-Mar-14

ETCH Gallery and Studios 215 Moorabool St Geelong


Robyn Mackay presents images and impressions of our regions significant natural environments and reminds us of what makes these places so unique and so special.


‘IMPRINT’ is a selection of woodcut, mono prints, drawings and paintings. Robyn is a talented local artist, accomplished printmaker and creator of Geelong’s newest artist-run space ETCH Gallery and Studios.

POSTER 2.png
Wood cut print, Robyn Mackay
Graphite drawing, Robyn Mackay
Mono type print, Robyn Mackay
Artist book and nest installation, Robyn Mackay
Art work Robyn Mackay
Woodcut print
Woodcut print, robyn mackay
Woodcut print

 DUEL DRAW: Dr Eiichi Tosaki and Jennifer McElwee.

 EXHIBITION 12 Mar 1 Apr 2014

The exhibition will be opened on Friday 14 March at 6pm by:

Dr Cameron Bishop, Deakin University Academic

Key Note Speaker: Richard Ferguson, Business & Development Manager, Geelong Gallery.


Eiichi Tosaki and Jennifer McElwee give a performance at ETCH Gallery on Opening Night.


The opening night audience will have the opportunity to experience the art of drawing and painting with both hands. This drawing method devised by Dr Eiichi Tosaki involves concentration and discipline. Artist and Deakin University honours student Jennifer McElwee explains the process.

“…creating two-handed drawing compositions is much like resolving a puzzle. Once both hands know where to move, the process then becomes meditative…”


Jenny McElwee is a prize-winning local artist who approaches her work in a serendipitous way. Jenny paints and draws in response to found objects and the information they provide. By linking the abstracted compositions to text and music they become a knowledge expanding journey. Jenny sources old books, vinyl records, music scores and more recently dictionaries. Words and their definitions are used as material in her works. These fascinating art works explore bi-manual drawing and the art of two-handed compositions.

Dr Eiichi Tosaki is an artist, art historian, and philosopher. He has developed Bimanual Coordination Drawing (BCD: for 30 years. He has lectured widely on art history, art theory, philosophy, religion, Japanese culture and practical art. He has published on art history, philosophy, and Japanese culture in Australia and the US. His book Mondrian's Philosophy of Visual Rhythm - Phenomenology, Wittgenstein, and Eastern thought will be published by Springer in 2014. He has exhibited and collaborated internationally with artists, musicians, and computer programmers. Recently he has been involved with Fukushima Biennale 2012 and Tokyo Experimental Festival 2013 in Japan.

BCD (Bimanual Combo Drawing) is a series/method of asymmetrical compositional rhythmic drawings, using both hands simultaneously. BCD uses structure or composition itself as an engine of making shapes and a creative generator.


The aim is to generate a variety of compositionaccording to the number of strokes/beats which comprise each composition. These are interpreted as forms of rhythmic structure. This approach to drawing produces non-figurative (non-iconic) art work, pursuing the musical condition of visuality through the concept of rhythm as composition(or schema).


BCD is a process of pure drawing, in the sense that it is non-referential. Rather, BCD is gestural and concerns flow. Shapes (within the compositions) made by BCD are ambiguous: the same line in BCD delineates both internal and external spaces, defining contour, surface and edge. Because lines occupy multiple spaces at the same time, BCD can be understood to compose a ribbon: an elastic strip which is conceptually and aesthetically more akin to the Möbius strip or Kline bottle than to conventional drawing on paper. He has crystalised roughy 100 BCD modular compositions from among thousands of trial drawings which were the result of a distillation of 30 years developing and practicing this method.

Art Work, Jennifer McElwee
Art Work, Jennifer McElwee
Photograph, Eiichi Tosaki
Photograph, Eiichi Tosaki